Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stage 9 - Monday, July 9 (41 miles) Rebekah's account

Rebekah crewed for the runners today and posted the following on Facebook:

Stage 9 - 41 miles: Though the temps were lower today, the humidity was very high. I was able to crew the entire stage and each time I saw the runners, it looked as though they had jumped in a lake. They all had very solid days and each enjoyed the miles not having to worry about water and supplies. I was able to provide 5 aid stations with fruit and snacks. They did get caught in a bad thunder, lightening, and rain storm. Nevertheless, they all finished strong.

We even had a little excitement getting them out of the ending point. I took my Honda station wagon for a 4 miles jaunt on a road marked for 4-wheel vehicles only. There was one particular point that was pretty scary. I got in and out (with my runners) by the skin of my teeth. Whew.  But, we aren't sure how to get them back in the morning. I have had to return home and the tour van cannot make it all the way in. They may need to hike an extra 2.5 miles up to the trail before the stage even begins. Stay tuned.

Eric - 10:45
Troy - 10:22
Anne - 12:17

Robin's addendum to Rebekah's note:

I talked with Eric this morning and learned that a guy in a pick-up truck drove the runners to the start.  Somehow people keep showing up out of the ether just when they are needed along this Tour.  

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  1. I think that it is great that they are sharing the race insight in facebook with all the fans that they have been following pretty close.