Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stage 10 - Tuesday, July 10 (41 miles)

Sophie Speidel crewed for the runners today and posted the following on Facebook (Thanks, Sophie!)

Facebook post: Tour de Virginia runners are currently on day 10 of their 14 day stage run on the Appalachian Trail through Virginia. All are looking mighty good despite last week's big heat and averaging 40 miles a day--they arrived at Reeds Gap this morning feeling great! So impressed...and I love Anne's dress :-)

Sophie's longer post:
All three runners left Crabtree Falls/AT intersection at 6:50 am after hitching a ride from Montebello Campground with a guy who had a 4WD truck. Eric, then Troy right behind him, arrived at Reeds Gap at 11:30. They looked good considering they had just climb Three Ridges! I went down the trail looking for Anne and we made it back to Reeds at 1:00. 

After refueling and hydrating, Anne took off after the guys and I went to Humpback Rocks where I met up with Anne's mom Susan Riddle. The guys came in exactly three hours after leaving Reeds Gap (9miles) and they were NOT happy with the rocks on that section. Anne got there about 4:30 after leaving Reeds, switched out her shoes, and started to make good time to Rockfish Gap. The guys also cranked out a very fast section from Humpback to Rockfish in 1:30 for 7miles...impressive! I had to take off for home at that point but they were scheduled to finish the stage around 6:45 for a sub-12 hour stage for 41 miles. I just got off the phone with Susan Riddle and Anne is scheduled to arrive at Beagle Gap by 8:30.

Tomorrow I will crew for the first 20 miles, but the runners have the luxury of the SNP waysides at Loft Mountain and water spigots at campgrounds along the way after that. All seem to be in good spirits and "smelling the barn!" it was a blast to be part of the fun today.

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  1. Is that a beer?. It is huge and they deserve it after running a lot of time in harsh terrains.