Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Navigation Error Requires Early Exit from Record Attempt

I had heard about the new section of Colorado Trail known as "Collegiate West." It follows the Continental Divide Trail on a spectacular, exposed and steep 80 mile alternative to the "Collegiate East" trail of the original Colorado Trail. I knew that we would need to stay on the original section in order to compare finish times and claim the record. My (mistaken) impression, however, was that the new section of trail wasn't marked as CT yet and that even if it was the split in the trail would be obvious and I would know which branch to follow.

As you know by the title of this post I followed CT markings along the wrong alternative, bypassing my crew and proceeding for miles along a route for which I had no map and no resources. Once I realized my mistake I had no good alternative but to turn around and backtrack to find my crew and end my attempt.

There is much to be said about the 4 1/2 days I spent on this team mission -- and I will soon enough. For now let me say that I'm glad we are all well and left with a potent feeling of unfinished business. A couple more fourteeners before leaving CO may provide some outlet...


  1. Ouch. Good training, best expectations. Enjoy the 14'ers while you are there. Am looking forward to hearing the run reports from Day Two.

  2. Eric, I'm catching up on all this now that I'm off the trail. Sorry to hear about the mishaps on the CT. Great effort out there, though! I look forward to reading more of your great writing about the experience out west. Happy trails.

  3. Dude, I know what I'd rather read about: A successful self-supported thru-hike of the AT in <60 days! How 'bout some narrative on that?