Sunday, May 8, 2011

Casseday's First Day's Thru-Trekking the AT

Happily I found myself on the Appalachian Trail last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday helping launch what I'm calling Adam's thru-trek. Our mileage was big compared to thru-hikers (34 miles/day), but our pace was reasonable (3 - 4 miles per hour). So let's call it a trek. Bradley Mongold accompanied us on days 1 and 2. I had to get a picture of his efforts to coordinate the photo shoot on Springer Mountain.

The weather cooperated perfectly and while we had minor misadventures along the way, we had no real impediments to putting in the miles required in a reasonable (at least by ultrarunner standards) fashion.

The AT feels like home to me, and my 3 days in the lush green vegetation of the southern Appalachians made me hanker for more. I'm already looking forwarding to getting out with Adam again when he gets closer to Damascus!

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  1. Wonderful to see Adam and Kadra as they begin their wonderful adventure together. I know Adam and Kadra appreciate all of your help and knowledge. It is also great to see Bradley in a wonderful position.