Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eric Meets Bear

Here's a little something I'm working on with a musical friend. I don't pretend to be good, so if you choose to listen, be gentle. I imagine most of us have run with music in our heads. I remember clicking out many rhythms on my AT thru-hike. This tune, and some version of the lyrics, have accompanied me on many running adventures. Think particularly of times you are trying something new and get into some unexpected trouble!

Adam Bolt composed the music with me, and plays the guitar here. He is a student at E&H.


  1. Awesome stuff Eric. I hope Mongold is coming across a "Big White Bear".

  2. Railroad Earth performs, "Black Bear"

  3. Eric, I've not yet met you but really enjoyed the tune. Good, heartfelt music takes many forms (just like ultra runners).... thanks for sharing that little ditty.
    I'm not going to make it to Promise Land but instead taking my kids to a roots music festival in NC. Plus still in recovery mode from my first 100 miler (Umstead)

  4. Very fitting for an ultra runner who loves the mountains. Well done and I totally enjoyed the tune and the lyrics.