Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Grossman Motivation Series

My blog, like my running, has been quiet of late. Last Thursday I had a hernia repaired (yes, seriously).

My hiatus from running has not hampered my writing, however. In case you haven't already stumbled over it, you can check out my weekly motivation series for Running Times at:


Part 8 is posted at the top of the homepage.

Motivation and will power are good topics to consider as we begin the season of staying indoors and eating large portions.


  1. Hernia?? I was just told I have one and may be going down the path of surgery (actually have to call my Doctor in 5 minutes).

    What did you do prior to surgery to stay active? and what does your recovery plan look like?

    Thanks for any advice you might be willing to share.

  2. My approach was to get scheduled for the surgery as quickly as possible in order to get the recovery started. I'm not too concerned about staying fit. In the past I have found it motivating to watch my fitness increase quickly. When you start at the bottom, fitness is bound to improve quickly!

  3. Curious...sports hernia or a more typical presentation? I may be dealing w/ the former, hence the question.

  4. inguinal. Three weeks have passed since the surgery, and I have started running again. Very lightly still, and with a rest day after two running days. I'll really ramp up and run for an hour this weekend!